Progress Note by Ryan King



I turn on my phone every day on the train and watch CNN´s current events update. It’s a routine I’ve normalized for myself recently. While other riders near me scroll through Instagram and listen to music I check to make sure North Korea hasn’t bombed us. Every single day, right before I hear the metal doors slam shut and steel wheels begin to screech my heart flutters a little more than usual.  I feel like I am temporarily being disconnected from the outside world once I go out under ground and ¨It could be happening right now¨ I think to myself as my phone no longer has service the threat of never seeing another day leaves me riddled with fear.


I’m more than grateful every time I come back up from underground. I know I’m safe again.


All my friends think I’m crazy. I’m not crazy I’m conscious. When I was younger I used to think less of Philadelphia. I underestimated it, I associated it as just another normal place in just another normal state in just another normal country. ¨Who would want to come to Philadelphia ? What’s there to do here?¨ I would often ask myself.  Getting older I’ve begun to notice just how beloved a place I live in.  A city that attracts an average of 60,000 yearly guest, houses over 1.5 million people and is home to so much American history. So many noble attributes but no terrorist attacks. For years every other major city in America has endured some horrible event at the cost of  political and even personal reasons. This leaves me constantly wondering when or if any trouble for Philadelphia is in our foreseeable future.


Months before winning the 2016 Presidential Election, Donald J. Trump had succeeded in pissing off a lot of people in very short amount of time. In doing this, he’s also unknowingly succeeded in causing me to look deeper into what I believe is right and what is wrong. I’m not the only person who feels like this. Evy Nilsen recently wrote an article expressing the same fears as my own about the U.S and North Korea’s brewing tensions. She finds herself thinking that there are no other options about the issue but war:It’s worth noting the poll was conducted before President Trump’s “fire and fury” comments.” I personally feel like there are more people like us waiting for a moment where something horrible may happen.


Living under Trump’s law I’ve never felt less safe, less unprotected, less valued and less appreciated in America then I currently do . I sometimes feel like his ego is more important to him the my safety. Gambling with people’s lives is no joking matter, but how do you explain something like that to a misogynist. Feeling voiceless and frustrated I have realised that just because I won’t be able to physically take action by voting in the next up and coming elections, I am able to teach myself how to think like a logical adult and how to make decisions on the spot. Investing more time into who I want to be as a man, I’ve why I hold the political views that I do for myself, not because the majority of my family also does. I want to feel safe  and now I feel completely targeted and exposed. Twitter wars between two leaders of countries could decide whether I live to graduate high school or even to an 18th birthday. How scary is that?




For the extra piece I chose to illustrate the tensions between America and North Korea. I chose to leave their faces blank but go into detail on everything around them because at the end of the day these are two leaders who are also human, not one American and Korean nor one superior and inferior but human beings that should be working together to promote world peace.I also chose to have their be bombe nested inside of bombs because if this were to happen it would be a continous war.  


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